Tips for Transport

Picking up a cake or cupcake order from us?
Here are a few tips to help get your order home safely:

• Place your cake or cupcake box on a flat surface during transport. Although chilled beforehand, cakes can shift on their pad if tipped. The floor of your vehicle is a great spot or if all else fails bring a helper to hold your order while you drive.

Drive easy! Brake and accelerate carefully and slow down for turns to prevent shifting during transport.

Keep your vehicle cold and keep your box out of the sun, especially in the summer months. Ideally cake and cupcake orders should be picked up and brought directly to their home — Don’t stop for extended periods or leave your cake in a hot vehicle.

• Once home, keep your order refrigerated. Our cakes and cupcakes contain ingredients that require refrigeration, do not store them at room temperature!

• Always carry your cake or cupcake box level with two hands, or with one supporting the bottom. Do not push down on the box top — Our cakes are taller than their boxes and are taped open to prevent squishing.