About Us

Boou Bakery  //  pronounced "boo" bakery

Welcome to the bakery!

We opened our oven doors in 2015 with a picky mushkadoodle and the goal to feed her treats not only that she liked (which was a challenge in itself), but feed her treats that weren't filled with additives, preservatives, and all the unnecessary things found in commercially manufactured pet food. Every new product we develop is test-tasted not only by our head treat connoisseur Brandie, but also by ourselves -- A testament to the quality, fresh and wholesome ingredients we use.

Originally starting with freshly baked treats, our product range has grown to include homemade jerky, a line of cakes and cupcakes and more. In 2023 Boou Dog Treats officially rebranded as Boou Bakery to fully showcase the wide variety of products that we offer and emphasize the freshness of our products.

First and foremost...
We are a treat bakery, not a commercial treat manufacturer.
This means that all of our products are either baked or dehydrated fresh without preservatives, additives, artificial flavouring and colouring. The downside to fresh treats is that they need to be stored like real food -- Not left on the counter like traditional store bought treats.
Our guiding principles
We have one ambitious goal: To provide healthy and delicious treats to every picky, overweight, overactive, purebred, and rescue dog we can find. And we’re doing a pretty good job of it! We believe that treats can be both delicious AND nutritious, made fresh instead of being processed and bring variety to their diet.

Quality products and great customer service are always at the forefront of what we do.

 - The Boou Bakery Team -